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      Date: Jan  6, 2010
     Title: 1957 Ontario Car Clubs 

Ontario Car Club History Photo

Two people have been identified. Read on!

This is a great photograph from 1957. The photo was taken at the old Kohler Air Strip Drag strip outside of Cayuga Ontario. It shows 23 different Car Club members & their club jackets from Ontario.  If you recognize anyone, let us know and we'll post it here. These guys would be in their 70s or early 80s now. Scroll down for larger pictures.








Hello Mr. Upton,
I had the good fortune to come across the Coasters website the other day and saw your info on Ontario Car clubs regarding the picture of all the club members lined up across the old Kohler Air Strip drag strip in 1955. I saw that you were looking for names of the fellows that were in this early picture. The one guy who would be 10th person  from the left wearing the Brantford Piston Pusher jacket is Harvey Finch. He is an original member of the Piston Pushers. They started their club in 1954 and who were very instrumental in setting up the old O.T.A. (Ontario Timing Assoc.) with the other regional clubs at that time. Harvey is still alive and going strong out in Maple Ridge B.C.
For your FYI....that picture I believe is actually from 1957. It was used in an early newspaper acticle on the "new" sport of drag racing in times have changed.
I just wanted to pass along this little bit of info and I wish the Coasters many more years of happy cruising.
Best regards, Mark rogerson, E.L.T.A. Disciples of Speed, London