Club Awards


Club Awards

Presented to the Coasters Kemp Club on the occasion of our 10th Anniversary in 1998......Autographed by George Barris


 Presented to the Coasters Kemp Club by the Back Alley Cruisers in recognition of our 20th Anniversary in 2009.


Presented to the Coasters Kemp Club in 2009 in appreciation of the funds donated to the Shelter of Hope from the Lead north Cruise-in Show.


An original art piece awarded to the Coasters Kemp Club recognizing the 20th anniversary of the Coasters from Thrall Pinstripe, Hot Rod Swag & Grahams Garage.



Coasters 20th Anniversary award presented by Performance World Custom Car Show March 2009.


Memory Lane Cruisers Thank You to the Coasters Award 


1999 Performance World Club Participation Award


 2009 Performance World Club Participation Award


2000 Midland Show Best Club Participation Award

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