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Ontario Car Club History Photo

Two people have been identified. Read on!

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Club Information

2018 "Coasters Choice" Photo of the Month






In the summer of 1989, at the Burger King parking lot in Barrie Ontario, during a cruise night, the Coasters Kemp Club was founded by a small group of guys who enjoyed building and driving custom cars & trucks. In 2009, the Coasters Kemp Club was re-organized, bringing changes to its membership policies & requirements. The Coasters no longer host a show or event at this time, and a Club Charter was introduced bringing the Coasters purpose finally back to its original intent. The Club is currently based in Cobourg Ontario and is in a stage of re-building and advancing membership one member at a time.

The ongoing passion and purpose of the Coasters and it's membership is to further the interest of 1975 and older North American built customized cars & trucks and preserve the heritage of " Old School " hot rods. Our goal is to keep the spirit of Kustomizing alive.

What is a Kemp? It’s a slang word used by teenagers in the late 50’s and early 60’s to indicate a Custom vehicle, generally from the 1930s - 50s era. The word "Kemp" gained national recognition on a famous TV show called " 77 Sunset Strip " (Oct. 1958 - Feb. 1964) where Edd “Kookie” Byrnes used it often, and it was mentioned in the 1950s to early 1961 small 25-cent Rod and Custom magazines.

Coasters members enjoy working on and driving their customs to local events, shows, cruise nights etc., as well as participating in Club events, socials and other Club activities. Joining the Coasters is not so much about joining a Club, its about enjoying and participating in a lifestyle with others who share your interests.


Dave Upton - Managing Director

All Coasters members receive our quarterly newsletter "The Lowdown" full of interesting articles, information, Club merchandise, Club events, news & photos of members rides along with other features. This publication continues to be a source of enjoyment for our members.


If you own and drive a North American made, customized 1975 or older car or truck, the Coasters Kemp Club may be the right Club for you. Membership Requirements




The Coasters Kemp Club is a member

of the Kustom Kemps Of America.


Coasters Kemp Club Coasters Canada Lead North Cruise-in


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